Integrative Diagnostics is a innovative company active in integrative health care solutions.


It is a common understanding nowadays that with rising costs in our regular health care systems, consumers are becoming more and more responsible in their own maintenance of health. In the western world however, people go to a doctor or an complementary health / integrative health practitioner when they are sick (and when is often too late). In terms of prevention and health maintenance, it is very difficult to measure your health. Thousands of “health” apps for a mobile phone are available, however, apart from the fact that measurements are hardly validated, the apps are single monitoring devices focussing mostly on the standard risk parameters like heart beat, blood pressure, BMI and exercise. These data as such does not tell you the actual status of your health when health is defined as the ability and flexibility to adapt on internal and external stress factors.

It is our passion to measure the health status and vitality on a scientific sound basis. We make use of the a new scientific breakthrough to measure the human light emission from the skin with sensitive photonic sensors.  Research has shown that specific characteristics of this light can be derived from these photon data, enabling us to correlate this to specific health characteristics and risk profiles.


Gezondheid en Vitaliteit